Locks of Love

The thousands of locks that cling to the fences of the Pont des Arts in Paris have become a symbol of danger rather than love after a chunk of fencing fell off under their weight. The fencing tumbled late Sunday on … Continue reading

Loub job.

Kim Kardashian underwent “toe liposuction” so she could fit into a pair of Christian Louboutin stilettos for her wedding. This procedure costs about $5,000, and is now nicknamed the “Loub job”. – Daily Mail, 5/27/14 … Continue reading

An icon lost.

These days, not every fire station comes with the iconic brass pole. Many fire departments across the USA have or are opting instead to install a slide, either of the plastic looping variety or the traditional steel playground-style. Sometimes it’s for … Continue reading


A virtual-reality headset for chickens has been developed – to fool chickens into thinking they’re free range chickens. This device lets caged chickens peck at virtual bugs around a virtual farmyard. – Metro, 5/16/14 … Continue reading