You go, Randy!

A male guinea pig named Randy escaped his enclosure and snuck into the female guinea pig enclosure and impregnated 100 females. Staff members say all that work by Randy caused him to lose a bit of weight. – Chicago Sun-Times, 6/9/14 … Continue reading

But I like water.

Japanese doctor Masaru Emoto believes that unkind phrases (such as “I hate you”) can damage water’s molecular structure and make it behave differently. Actress Gwyneth Paltrow has endorsed the doctor’s work. – Chicago Tribune, 6/10/14 … Continue reading

That’s loud.

Some automotive stereo amps pump out 180-plus decibels (dB) of noise (at so-called dB drag races). That’s how loud a jet engine would sound — if it were a foot away from your ear. – Discover Magazine, 5/23/14 … Continue reading