George Vera, a felony suspect who tipped the scale at more than 500 pounds, hid an 9mm pistol in the folds of his skin when being admitted to city and county jails, even though law enforcement officers repeatedly searched him. – Houston Chronicle, 8/6/09

The Cats Catch Mickey

cat_silhouette Each night at Disneyland, after the sunburned families and exhausted cast members have made their way home, the park fills up again – this time, with hundreds of feral cats. Park officials love the felines because they help control the mouse population. – CNN.com, 7/7/11

Perfect Popcorn

A new microwave makes perfect popcorn by listening to the popping process; the oven utilizes a new technology called the Accupop cycle, a feature powered by a sound sensor that helps the machine adapt its cooking time between kernel pops. – Food Beast, 2/27/14


Lindalva DaSilva was pregnant with twins. At the 24 week mark, her water broke. Four days later, the first twin was born. DaSilva’s labor slowed and eventually stopped – and three and a half weeks later, the second twin was born. – ABC News, 6/10/14