70 million households in the US are wealthy ‘hand-to-mouth’ who hold little or no liquid wealth (cash, checking and savings accounts), but own sizable amounts of illiquid assets. These people still live paycheck to paycheck. – CNBC, 3/24/14

As expensive as Harvard.

A private ‘arts orientated’ school for infants aged 3 to 23 months old will launch in New York this fall with annual fees topping a staggering $33,492. The school day starts at 8am and finishes at 6pm with the schedule including ‘morning explorations’, ‘music sessions’, ‘story time’, ‘outdoor play’, ‘napping’ and the ‘development of self-feeding skills.’ – Daily Mail, 4/22/14

That fine seems a bit high.

A construction worker at a South Carolina hospital was slapped with a $525 federal fine and banned from ever working there again after he refilled his soda without paying. Christopher Lewis was working at the VA Medical Center in downtown Charleston when he was stopped by a Federal Police Force officer for refilling a 89 cent soda. – Washington Times, 4/17/14